Meet the Artists

Some text explaining this the information about the artists we have on offer at Galerie Geneva. We have John McCormack, Dolfi Stoki & James

John McCormack

"My career at LEGO spanned many genres, all pithing the creative field. I learned of a job for a graphic designer through an ad placed in the newspaper! I didn’t get the first job I applied for, but I got a call back a mere three weeks later for another design job."

Dolfi Stoki

“I love painting, but I need to get out into the bush every so often to keep sane!  The African bushveld is therapy, it grounds me... When you get out into the wild and lose yourself in nature, your perspective of life in general changes; you find that inner peace and creative energy to paint.”

James Coleman

“I’m trying to bring a positive image into peoples’ lives – something that will inspire them. Day to day we all need an escape or place of refuge and that’s what I like to paint.”

Eyvind Earle

Silk screen printing as I use it becomes an art medium in itself as important and original and different as oil painting watercolor pastel etching or engraving effects that only be achieved with the silk screen process I do not try to copy an oil painting but rather I create a new work of art using the silk screen process.
-Eyvind Earle, 1988